News -  02.04.2019

What a month!

What a month!

The month of March was a pretty big month for Room40 as a start-up. From launching our new website to attending an event, and even hosting our own workshop together with Vias Institute.

On Thursday, the 14th of March, Room40 and Vias Institute organized a workshop called ‘Demo Day’. Together with Nokia, we gave various presentations and demonstrations regarding innovative ways to bring the security and safety market to another level.

The purpose of this Demo Day was very clear: explain the used methodologies and current problems in the field of Safety and Security, and demonstrate existing and future technologies. The hosting parties wanted to show the participants what can be improved and how they can be one step ahead of the dangers that might be lurking right around the corner. 

Throughout the day, we applied our basic principle – our way of thinking – to guide everyone through the presentation: by using the OODA-loop (Observe-Oriënt-Decide-Act), we showed the participants where the current problems are and where we, as a company, can provide the solutions. 

On the 26th of March, the 7th Smart Cities Forum event by Agoria took place. This event was very important to us because we wanted to portray our partnership with Nokia and commercialize Scene Analytics. The feedback and interest we received were very positive, making us realize we are on the right track. 

Room40 is a Belgian start-up specialized in contextual solutions for information overload through Artificial Intuition by using text, video, images and sound. These solutions are made by an experienced team of specialists with various backgrounds and expertise. For more information, visit the Room40 website:

Nokia is a global leader innovating the technologies at the heart of our connected world. Powered by the research and innovation of Nokia Bell Labs, they serve communications service providers, governments, large enterprises and consumers, with the industry’s most complete, end-to-end portfolio of products, services and licensing. 

Vias Institute is a major Belgian knowledge centre. Improving road safety, along with mobility and safety in general. That is their aim. To help reduce social risks, they intend to share their knowledge and implement their experience as broadly as possible – both for individual customers, as well as for society in general.