Video and sound streaming solutions


Room40 is partnering with Nokia to deliver a new Video and Sound Streaming solution.

library layer

Library layer:

The platform is able to take various streams like camera footage, sound recordings, twitter text streams, speech recordings, etc. On these streams, tools will be implemented that filter the required information.

scripting layer

Scripting layer

Above the library layer, scripts will be made that allow for the combination of different filtered streams. Room40 will be fully responsible to produce these scripts on that platform and therefore be the only one that can use these proprietary scripts.

gui layer

GUI layer

Each and every client will require a different Graphical User Interface allowing them to access information that is relevant to them at the time they want it. These GUI’s will also be provided by Room40 allowing us to keep close contact with the end client helping them in managing valuable information.

Our Streaming Solution is designed to find, display and understand normal and unusual activity in streams. The system requires no need for manual training or setup. Automated setup is especially important when capturing anomalies from hundreds of thousands of streams. Room40’s Streaming Solutions is a statistic learning engine. As the stream is captured, activity is detected, analysed and over time activity statistics are determined. Once we detect the anomaly, deep learning analytics techniques can be applied to make sense of what is happening in the scene. It could be used to detect smoke, a bag left behind, count people, hear a specific sound or whatever needs to be done.