About us

Making sense of your data
through artifical intuition

Room40 is a company founded in 2016 by three experienced entrepreneurs, who came together to develop a new business around information management.

Room40 will make the information a client wants available when he or she needs it, in real-time. We do this by capturing available streams (such as video, sound and text). We solve the problem of finding relevant information, taking the context and sentiment of that moment into account.

As one of the first in Europe, Room40 has signed an agreement with Nokia to use their World Wide Streaming platform. Room40 will co-develop new innovative solutions on top of this platform, together with Bell labs.

Our key differentiators are:

  • Using a combination of different streams
  • Near real-time operational decision making
  • Automated input selection and adaptation to changing environment

Our values



We communicate clearly about our way of thinking and working .



We will always search for new ways to provide streams of information, new ways to extract valuable information out of these and new ways to present this information to users. However, this will always be done according to our methodologies in which our values are embedded.

solution minded

Solution minded

Everyone at Room40 wants the same thing: help solving your problem using our methodologies and streaming-platform. Where other tools just give you a report with lists of names and percentages, Room40 will go further. We will find where the problem started and visualise the warning signs. Room40 will help in solving a problem and more importantly: prevent it from happening again.

safety and security

Safety and security:

Some of the methodologies and tools we use were originally designed to help Central Intelligence Services and fight terrorism. The world is changing fast, but that doesn’t mean it is changing for the better. We at Room40 think it is important that our children can grow up in a safe world where they do not have to be afraid.



One of the things that makes Room40’s streaming-platform unique is the speed-aspect of it. The information we gather and provide is near real-time, as in: the moment you ask for it, we can deliver the results.

close relationships

Close relationships

By working with partners and really taking the time to get to know the client and their problems, we have the opportunity to build a business- relationship. Of course, we would like this cooperation to be long-term and therefore we will always try to create win-win solutions.